We understand what gift is right for you!

When it All Begun?

Founded almost 10 years ago, this online gifts retailing store has grown to become one of the biggest ones in the US.

The initial reasoning behind this business was pretty simple: it was a couple with many friends and relatives, tired of the inconveniences of your regular gift seeking process…

Eventually, with a small capital at hand, Lorey and Jane decided that an easier platform for occasion-themed gifts will be a great investment both for their time and their entrepreneurial energy!

Since 2006, the online store has been only growing, now accounting for more than 1 in every 10 birthday and Christmas gifts sales in California!

Also, the initial business idea proved to be so worthy, that both the range of the gifts and the size of the team have been growing exponentially ever since the first day!


What We Do?

We’re dedicated to help you choose the right gift for your loved ones. With our creative as well as well-spirited gifting solutions & ideas anyone can easily become a gift guru and find the perfect present for your friends and family. Just feel yourself like a Santa Claus, within our gifts store. With the exception of being a Santa Claus for all seasons!

With our services and range of choice, buying and sending gifts is now not a boring, arduous process, but rather a pleasure.  Also, our extensive gift selection, be it a bunch of fresh flowers, gifts for him, gifts for her, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or special gifts, is wide enough to cover all and any of your gifting occasions and needs…

With many years of combined experience at hand, our store’s staff chooses only the ultimate hits to be added to our lineup.

With excellence, convenience and value built right into our brand name, we make every effort to deliver you the ultimate gifting experience.

Why We’re the Best?

Actually, there’s much more than 1 reason as to why we’re better than the rest of the gift stores. This is why we’re gonna list all of them here!

  1. Our Extensive Collection of Gifts spans over 10,000 gifts to choose from.
  2. With our range including flowers, gourmet foods, and personalized gifts, it’s easy to find something for every occasion.
  3. We value quality above everything else, carefully choosing those vendors we order gifts from.
  4. Affordability is the key, as a gift which is too expensive is not always the best choice…